Anja Mandic - President
an international student from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Anja is pursuing a major in Economics. At the ETF fund, she researches and analyses investment opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. She is specifically passionate about emerging markets and is a supporter of long-term investing in growing economies. Most recently, Anja worked as an investment banking summer analyst at Jefferies and after graduation she will be returning as an investment banking analyst full-time in New York City. Outside the ETF Fund, Anja is working as a Consultant at the Technology Learning Center, where she provides help with various softwares. Anja also enjoys yoga, photography and cooking. 
Ryan Tuorto
a senior majoring in Economics with a concentration in Finance, Ryan most recently Ryan worked as Investment Banking Summer Analyst in the Equity Capital Markets, where he will be returning full-time upon graduation. In addition to his role in the ETF Fund, Ryan is President of Gateway Capital Management and President of the University of Richmond Finance Society. Ryan also enjoys watching sports, fitness, and crossword puzzles.
Ayushman Padia

an international student from India, majoring in Economics with a concentration in Finance. Last summer, he worked in a manufacturing firm in India as their finance and operations intern. On campus, Ayushman is a member of the AKPsi fraternity as well as a tutor for Economics and Accounting in the Academic skills center. In addition to ETF, he is active in UR's SMIF fund. He is also a member of the Lakeside Consulting Group on campus. Ayushman has received a full-time offer from the company he worked for but hopes to work for a consulting company. Outside of Economics, he enjoys traveling, soccer, and playing the guitar.

Alex Clinton 
a junior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Most recently, Alex worked as an Analyst at Clinton Investment Management. Clinton Investment Management is an independent, fixed income manager that specializes in active management of municipal bond portfolios. Alex will be returning as an analyst in the summer of 2021. Currently, Alex is one of three Portfolio Managers who cover the North American region for the ETF Fund.
Alistair Matsuda

a senior majoring in Mathematical Economics with a minor in Philosophy, Alistair is a portfolio manager specializing in the Asia-Pacific region. Among other roles as a Spider, he has been a researcher in the mathematics department, taught biology at a Tibetan monastery in India, and enjoyed time as a member of AKPsi. He will be joining Pointe Advisory after graduation as a consultant specializing in private equity. Alistair loves to play chess, read philosophy, and study languages in his free time.

Shamim Ibrahim

a senior majoring in Economics, Global Studies and Arabic, Shamim is one of the portfolio managers in charge of the African and Latin American regions. On campus, she is the president of Muslim Life and a member of the African Students Alliance. She is passionate about promoting financial literacy and inclusivity for minority communities. She will be joining BlackRock after graduation as an analyst in the Global Product Group.

Olivia Frazier

a junior majoring in Mathematical Economics and Political Science, Olivia is a Division I Scholar Athlete and plays for the University of Richmond’s field hockey team. She is also the Atlantic-10 Representative for the University’s athletic department and a math tutor. Last summer, she shadowed a managing partner at Merlinos & Associates, an actuarial consulting firm, and attended summer school in order to pursue a double major. In her free time, she builds interactive shot maps and heat maps in R to aid performance analysis for our field hockey team.

Bryan Yackel

a junior majoring in Business Administration

with a concentration in Finance. Bryan transferred to Richmond from Bucknell University. Bryan will be working at Fidelity Investments as a wealth management intern based out of Pennsylvania

Heshmat Mohamed

a senior majoring in Mathematical Economics, Heshmat is one of the portfolio managers in charge of Latin America and Africa. On-campus, he was Co-President of the Finance Society and will join the Securitized Products Group at Credit Suisse after graduation.